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Having a great resume and a cover letter are your starting point in getting to be hired in a company. However, creating resume as well as the cover letter is not as easy as what others think. Here are some things to remember when writing a resume.

How to write a resume?

A resume - sometimes referred to as a curriculum vitae or CV - is actually a summary of your educational attainment, training, work experience and skills. An ideal resume demonstrates how your abilities and skills match up with the requirements of the job.

 How Long a Resume Must Be?

 A resume is not actually a complete diary about you. If the content is too long, it probably won’t get read. An ideal resume is usually no longer than one or two pages.

The worst action to take is to pad your resume. There’s nothing wrong if you are having a one-page resume, provided that it has all the relevant facts about you.  

In addition to this, if your information is well written and concise then the content will be easier for the hiring manager to read. And that’s step one in getting hired. Keep your sentences focussed and clear.

Should I Change My Resume Every Now and Then?

Apparently, you really need to change your resume every time you pass a job application in every position you applied. Make sure you list all the skill sets and experiences which might be most relevant on the job you’re trying to get. Not every job may have the same list of requirements, but every resume you made must be 100% relevant for the requirements of that job.

The purpose of passing your resume is to convince a hiring manager to interview you. So you resume must keep professional looking if you are really serious about the job you are applying to.

Details you Need to Include in your Resume

It is smarter to break down your details when writing a resume. However, make it sure that you are making a simple yet killer resume.

Here are few things that you should consider including in your resume:

  • Personal Details
  • Career Objective
  • Education and Training
  • Employment History
  • Skills
  • Achievements, Awards and Merits
  • References

Get Someone to Read your Resume

If you are a fresh graduate, get in touch with your friends, mom, dad, uncle, and neighbour and ask them to look at your resume. It is better to look for someone’s opinion and ask to proofread your resume before you send it to hiring agency.

For more tips and examples of ways to build a resume, take a look at the best professional resume samples for word for many templates that you could download and use in creating your own resume.